Epassport application submission and biometrics

Appointments are currently bookable by sending an email to passport(at)kenyaembassyberlin.de bearing the following mandatory information:

1. Full name of the passport applicant (as they should appear on the epassport)

2. Date of birth of passport applicant

3. Kenyan ID No. of the applicant/ applicant's parent (minors only)

4. Full Form 19 ecitizen EPP1/CPP1 reference

5. Full address of applicant

6. Telephone Number of Applicant

The Embassy in Berlin offers passport biometrics services to all Kenyans living in countries where epassport services are not offered by their local Kenyan Embassy.

Please read through the information below carefully before emailing the Embassy for an appointment:


1. Confirmation of your booking

  • You will receive a confirmation email informing you of the date of your appointment. 

  • For children born in Europe, you have to also email a copy of the international birth certificate issued in the country of birth of the child, bearing 3 languages, including English. Click here to see a sample. Ensure that you have this document at the time of biometrics. 

Note the following before you book:

  • Do not attempt to make a booking for ePassport biometrics unless you have finished the application process on ecitizen! You MUST first apply and pay for the epassport on www.ecitizen.go.ke

  • On Requirement number 4 above, ensure that you enter your eCitizen EPP1/CPP1 application reference as follows EPP1-XXXXXX R.XXXXXX (enter the reference on your Form 19) or CPP1-XXXXXX R.XXXXXXX (enter the reference on your child's Fom 19). Appointments requests without this important reference will not be considered.

  • Ensure that you enter the name of the applicant whose biometrics will be captured  and not of the person booking.

  • You must have an original Kenyan ID card and birth certificate among other requirements to be able to apply for the ePassport in Berlin. Applicants without these originals will not be processed.

A confirmation email will be sent upon review of your details as a reply to your email. If you do not receive one, please check your spam folder.